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Best 6.5 inch Car Speakers with Good Bass In 2022

best audio car speaker

Are you tired of listening to horrible company build-in speakers? That Doesn’t provide more bass at high volume and worst sound quality? If the answer is Yes then you will need to upgrade your old car speakers to 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass.

Upgrading the car speakers isn’t an easy job and finding the right speakers for your car can be challenging, especially if you are new because the world of car speakers seems like a mess.

But don’t worry, if you are planning to improve the quality of the sound of the vehicle then 6.5 car speakers with good bass are to start with. we have listed some 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass for you that are the most popular car speakers on the market as 6.5-inch car speakers can be fit in most cars and On having the right kind of speakers, Driving becomes more enjoyable.

Things to consider before buying the 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass:

Some aspects that you must consider before buying the best 6.5 speakers are as follows :

1. RMS watts: It stands for Root main square which determines the average power output. RMS peak power sounds impressive and gives a better idea of performance

2. Pieces: Before buying a car speaker, get an idea that with the number of pieces included how much work you will have to do for fitting?

3. Frequency: If you are looking for good bass, then consider speakers with the lower frequency range

4. Design: Most of the designs are 2-ways and 3-ways. 2-way includes a woofer and a tweeter while 3-way has an extra component of the mid-range frequency

5. Type: There are mainly 2 types of speakers coaxial and component. The coaxial speaker can be cheaper and easy to install, but the component offers the best sound quality

So grab the 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass from the list below :

Speaker Name
RMS Power
Peak Power
Check Price
best car speaker for bass to buy in 2018
Kicker Coax
6.5 car speaker
Infinity’s Primus
bestv6.5 car speaker
Rockford Fosgate
best 6.5 car speaker
Polk Audio
129 W
best 6.5 inch car speaker
Boss audio

So without further ado, presenting you a list of 6.5 car speakers with good bass :

1. Kicker Coax Speakers

best 6.5 car speakers for bass and sound quality


  • Two-way coaxial speaker
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • Voice Coil (EVC) technology
  • The frequency response of 40Hz
  • 13mm PEI-dome tweeters
  • Take title work to install
  • Very synthetic sound.
  • Crisp, high notes
  • Lightweight
  • Include all needed hardware
  • Little soft on bass
  • Uncomfortable volume levels


Kicker speakers are the 6.5-inch car speakers with good bass and they are highly recommended for the clear sound of high’s and mid’s. The kicker is one of the best company when it comes to audio technology, but they are very famous for square speakers and best quality.

This coax speakers are two-way design with tweeter and woofer combined in one speaker and use strong polypropylene cones. This 6.5-inch speaker produces 300 watts peak power per speaker due to which it gives a better sound performance. The RMS rating of this kicker speaker is 100 Watts per speaker. This speaker has a heavy-duty magnetic structure which produces an impressive bass. These speakers sound great when they are hooked up with an amplifier.

But Now

2. Infinity’s Primus Component Speaker

6.5 car speakers with good bass


  • 6 pieces
  • One+ polypropylene woofer
  • 2-way external crossover network
  • The frequency response of 52Hz
  • ¾’’ edge-driven textile dome tweeters
  • Clean sound with enough power driving them.
  • Easy installation with free bracket
  • Kids are fantastic
  • Many options for the mounting tweeter
  • Distortion when loud
  • Requires an adapter


Infinity Speakers are an excellent choice for all types of music. Infinity always puts out a quality product for a good price and provides good 6.5-inch speakers.  These 6.5-inch speakers are very impressive because they use potent tweeters and they are located down by the knee.

These speakers have the crossover on each side, in order to replace a speaker or tweeter if necessary. The infinity speakers provide the best bass and are 2-way design to fit 6.5” and 6.75” sizing.  These component speakers include 2 tweeters, 2 crossover, and 2 woofers.

The infinity speakers also include The grilles and Starfish mounting brackets. They are the best 6.5  speakers, having  640W peak power handling and RMS of 160W. If you have a quality system, then these best speakers will perform amazingly.

But Now

3. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

6.5 inch car speakers with good bass


  • 2 pieces and a 3-way design
  • RMS of 45W per pair
  • 52 Hz frequency
  • Sound sensitivity is 91dB
  • Include Trim Ring
  • Klippel Verified
  • Deliver crisp, very clear sound
  • Integrated tweeter crossover
  • Easy Install just need wire connectors
  • The full spectrum of sound
  • Don’t provide deep bass
  • Larger power usage


Rockford Fosgate is one of the top car speaker brands and their speakers are incredible. The design of these speakers is bare-bones and they are practically simplicity personified. R165X3 Speaker is the best choice if you want to improve your vehicle’s audio in a fast and efficient way. Rockford is the best car audio speaker.

The R165X3 speaker is a 3-way coaxial speaker that provides clear sound without any issue. This 6.5 car speaker has feature vacuum polypropylene cones,  stamped steel basket, and Rubber Surround.

The Integrated tweeter crossover and grills give a great look to these speakers. Each of these speakers has 90W peak power handling with 45Watt individual RMS power.

But Now

4. Polk Audio DB691 Speaker

best 6.5 car speakers for sound quality


  • 2 pieces and two-way design
  • RMS of 120 W per pair
  • Coaxial type
  • 35 Hz frequency
  • ABS Grills
  • Built-in 2-way crossover network
  • Unit power
  • Sounds great with radio
  • Easy to install
  • Grill covers are a little more exposed
  • Excellent response from the head
  • Not enough midrange


Polk Audio is one of the 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass out in the market that provides a ton of high-quality options. These speakers have a high and low pass crossover filter that provides the best sound quality

This is marine-certified two-way coaxial speaker so they can be installed in any typical location (6×9’’ or 6×8’’) in your boat, motorcycle as well as in your car. Polk audio is lightweight and has a dynamic balance polymer composite woofer.

These sound systems have to peak power handling of 360W / pair and RMS of 129 Watt. With stainless steel mounting hardware and ABS grills they also look great.

But Now

5. Boss audio 6.5 car speaker

best budget 6.5 car speakers


  • 6 pieces
  • The frequency response of 65Hz
  • Electroplate injection woofer cone
  • 94 dB of Sensitivity
  • Mounting depth of 2.4”
  • Tight is hard hitting bass
  • Sound great without an amplifier
  • 3 Year Online Dealer Warranty
  • Good mid-range
  • Excellent depth of sound
  • Not great on high’s
  • Poor customer services


This boss audio speaker has a great 2-way design that makes them one of the 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass. The quality of Boss audio speaker has always been superb. They sound pretty awesome with the tweeter. These 6.5 car speakers sound cleanly without any distortion.

These best 6.5 speakers are component type speakers with supplied grillsBoss speakers have an RMS rating of 250W and peak power handling of 500W which are very impressive. The kit of these audio speakers includes Two Crossovers, Two Magnet Covers, Two Grills. If you want great sound quality and don’t want to spend a lot of money then buy these best component speaker.

But Now

That was the list of 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass. Now you can make your choice easily after reading all the features, pros, cons of car speakers available in the market. We would recommend you to go for  Rockford Fosgate P1650 or Infinity’s Primus because they are the most popular car speakers brands and has so many features which make it best 6.5 inch car speakers with good bass

Make a  better and the right choice and buy the one that better suits your budget and car 

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