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Best Pistol Scopes For Beginners

Shooting is always an exciting experience for beginners, whether you do it at the range or in the forest. You have to be extra sure about your aim because it minimizes the chances of accidents and enables you to ramp up your skills. Moreover, you must be extra careful when using your pistol for self-defense or protecting your home. Missing the target is not an option for shooters, whether seasoned ones or just beginners. It makes sense to invest in the right accessories so that you never go wrong with your aim.

But buying your first scope can be baffling, particularly if you have limited knowledge about firearms and accessories. But you cannot compromise with the quality of the pistol scope because it saves your day in the wild and ensures that your rounds never go waste, even when you are a novice. While you may seek expert guidance from a seasoned pistol owner, going through the best options around is a better idea. Let us list the best pistol scopes for beginners in 2021. 

1. Leupold 174178

Featuring next on the list is Leupold 174178, which packs the legendary performance and dependability the brand is well-known for. The scope offers a 2-7 magnification range, which is just right for newbies looking for a wide field of view. It uses Leupold’s Advanced Optical System, which is renowned for tried-and-tested light transmission, high resolution and clarity, and glare reduction even in harsh light. 

The scope comes with a 3:1 zoom ratio, making it ideal if you are just starting and want to be extra sure about every shot you fire. Further, it is 100% waterproof and fog proof, and you can use it confidently in all weather conditions. You get a lifetime guarantee, which is another good reason to invest in this exceptional piece of equipment for an extended hunting career. 

2. Holosun HOLO HE510CGR

The product leverages the all-new Advanced Super Solar Technology offered by Holosun. The CR2032 battery powers up the pistol optic with an unprecedented level of battery life. You get three reticle choices with the scope, including a 65 MOA circle, a 65 MOA circle-dot, and a 2 MOA green dot. Besides the versatility with reticles, you get features such as shake-awake technology, shock-resistant protective hood, and a quick-release mount with the product. 

The parallax-free optical design provides unlimited eye relief, while you can shoot with minimal obstruction of vision with streamlined housing and push-button controls. The weight of the scope is 0.52 lbs, which makes it easy to handle and use for first-timers. Additionally, you get value for your money with a lifetime warranty and the brand value of Holosun.


If you are looking for an ideal sighting solution that works with shotguns and modern semi-automatic pistols, the ROMEO1 Miniature Reflex Sight by Sig Saur is just the right choice. It comes with a molded glass aspheric lens that offers excellent light transmittance and zero distortion with high-performance coatings. You even get manual illumination controls, which remember the last-used settings.

Since the scope comes with multiple intensity settings, you get a rapid target engagement under all kinds of lighting conditions. It also promises waterproof and fog-proof performance. Rest assured, you can optimize the use of Ammunition for Pistols with this accessory. The magnesium housing is extremely strong and lightweight, so even people with limited experience can handle it without much effort.  

4. Burris RT6 Riflescope 200472

The Burris RT6 is a great pick for beginners who want to go the extra mile with their training and techniques. It makes you competition-ready by offering an incredible combination of speed, accuracy, and easy handling. It is shorter in size, which makes it easy to handle. The 6x zoom is a great feature for the newbies, while the smaller reticle dots give trajectory compensation out to 600 yards.

Made from high-grade optical glass, the scope serves excellent brightness and clarity, and you get lasting durability as a bonus. Its illuminated reticle enables you to see the target faster and increases accuracy even in the dark. You get 11 levels of illumination too. It is a product worth spending dollars on if you are serious about taking shooting to a competitive level. 

5. EOTech XPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight XPS3-0 

A lightweight and non-magnifying optical sight, the XPS3 Holographic Weapon is designed for close to mid-range shots. You can trust it to get quick target acquisition and engagement and excellent aiming capability even as a beginner. Moreover, the XPS3 is the shortest and lightest from the brand as yet, another reason it makes an ideal pick if you are just starting. 

You get more rail space because of its compact, single-lithium-battery configuration. The scope comes with 20 daylight settings as well as 10 night-vision settings, so you can adjust its brightness level just as you need to. The best thing is that you may use it any time without worrying about missing the target. The sight is waterproof and wouldn’t stop working even if submerged in water. 

6. Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED 700672 

The patented housing shape of the RMR makes it a unique product from a durability perspective. The design absorbs impacts and makes it easy to handle for beginners. Additionally, the electronics are also designed to ensure high-end performance and survivability even in the most challenging conditions. It comes with an automatic brightness mode and push buttons that let you adjust brightness according to your needs.

You can run it on a battery conservation mode that adjusts the aiming dot according to the lighting conditions. The scope is compatible with night vision devices, so you can use it any time you want. The dot size is ideal as it is small enough to bring accuracy but big enough to locate quickly.

Now that you know all about the best pistol scope for beginners, buying one will be easy. Just check the features, specifications, and budget and pick the one that matches them all. Compatibility with your pistol is another factor you cannot miss out on. Go ahead and take your pick! 

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