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Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 In 2022

best budget bluetooth speaker

If you’ve got a dedicated a/v cabinet with the gold-plated speaker, cables and an amplifier, the size of a car engine, they’re going to be those times when the portability of one of the best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 just can’t be ignored whether you need a speaker to bring with you on your next adventure, a portable powerhouse to bring with you on the beach or rocking wireless speaker for your next house party. In this article, we reviewed the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Top 5 best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100

Bluetooth Speaker
Awesome Feature
best bluetooth speaker reviews
JBL Flip 3
Splashproof and room-filling stereo sound
best budget bluetooth speaker under 100
Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM
10-HOUR BATTERY LIFE and clear 360-degree sound
best bluetooth speaker with alexa
Anker Soundcore
stereo sound with deep bass and Connects with Alexa-enabled devices
best budget bluetooth speaker
24 hours of battery life and Subwoofer on each cylinder
Remove term: best bluetooth speaker on the market best bluetooth speaker on the market
JBL Clip 2
IPX7 waterproof and Mic for speakerphone calls

1.JBL Flip 3

best bluetooth speaker reviews

Key Features
  • durable fabric material and rugged rubber
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming connect up to 3 smartphones
  • room-filling stereo sound
  • 10 hours of playtime
  • noise and echo canceling speakerphone
  • Splashproof


JBL has a wide range of products at different prices and features, but quality always has remained top of the class. The JBL Flip 3 is an excellent Bluetooth speaker that’s old now; however, it’s still an excellent option for the best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 that doesn’t want to compromise on the quality department. Just like its predecessor, the JBL Flip 3 has a cylindrical shape with angled ends.

The speaker is covered with a fabric mesh, and it measures just 6.7×2.5×2.5 inches. Inside the JBL Bluetooth speaker, you’ll find the 21.5-inch drivers that produce the excellent sound and two bass radiators cover both ends of the device And for a compact package it provides a lot of sounds. It’s available in multiple colors like yellow, teal, red, pink, black and gray, to name a few, and each of them look excellent. The controls for the volume speakerphone and pairing are easily accessible and intuitive to use, and just below those controls, you’ll spot the power button and the battery indicator as well as the protected MicroUSB port and 3.5-millimeter audio port. This best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 is also splash-proof that’ll keep the speaker’s safe at your pool parties, and under the rain however it cannot be submerged underwater because it doesn’t have the ipx7 rating.

The JBL flip 3 despite its size produces a considerable amount of bass, and also it handled the mid-range very well. The vocals were very clear, and the stringed instruments were warm and natural. The treble sounded equally delicious, with just the right amount of crisp without getting annoying. The cheap Bluetooth speaker can get about 10 hours of playback on a single charge improving on its predecessor’s measly five-hour battery time. This should be enough for the typical day out and also it’s worth stating that the charging time is quite fast. The Bluetooth range is also an impressive 50 feet. overall the JBL flip 3 provides excellent value for its price, and you can’t go wrong with the JBL quality

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2.Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

best budget bluetooth speaker under 100

Key Features
  • clear 360-degree sound
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY up to 100 feet (30M) away
  • Press a button to wirelessly connect to your friends’ WONDERBOOM


The ultimate ears wanderboom is an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker that’s packed with tons of features that belong way higher than its price. One of the best options for the out-and-about type of person this best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 will rock your small parties. The Bluetooth speaker has a soda-can shape just slightly choppier. It looks like a small stub and has a cute vibe to it.

It has the definite best  360 sound. It’s waterproof very compact compared with two devices simultaneously and has a 35-meter Bluetooth range. The manufacturer has made the right choice of changing its shape because this shape, and it allows everybody around the speaker to have the same experience. It sounds excellent at every angle just like it was advertised achieving the full 360-degree sound. It’s waterproof, and all of its controls are covered with a rubberized membrane which can take a beating. A fabric mesh covers the speaker, and also there you’ll find the buttons for controls that are very large and conveniently placed. You can also get the best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 from the six available colors according to your taste.

The sound of the ultimate ears Wanderboom is excellent. It has just enough warmth with a bit more emphasis on the mids and the mid-bass but makes no mistake, the treble, and the bass was just as good. The ultimate ears Wonderboom can output a tremendous amount of volume, and it was great for parties. The battery life for the product was decent at about 10 hours, which should be more than enough for your daily trips to the beach. If you want an excellent balance of waterproofing, sound quality and battery life you can’t go wrong with the Ultimate Ears Wanderboom.

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3.Anker Soundcore

best bluetooth speaker with alexa

Key Features
  • Breathtaking stereo sound with deep bass
  • zero distortion by two high-sensitivity drivers
  • 24 hour of battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with range up to 66ft
  • Lightweight Design and Built-In Mic
  • Connects with Alexa-enabled devices


As the market for affordable Bluetooth speakers is gaining lots of traction manufacturers tried to cash in on the idea with their products. Chinese manufacturer Anker not widely known for its speakers but has produced a fantastic best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 with excellent features and performance all in a very affordable package. it even has a microphone with it so you can use it to talk to Siri, a lexer or Google assistant.

The Anker Soundcore doesn’t have a flashy design. It has a very minimal design that blends in and doesn’t want attention, but it looks perfect even though it’s understated. It has a rectangular shape with black color all around it except the Anker branding on the front grille. The buttons on top of the Anker Soundcore suit the soft, smooth plastic very well and blend in nicely. You can find the power button, volume buttons, Play or pause button, and the Bluetooth pairing button, which are very easy to click. The Anker Soundcore provides excellent connectivity with its Bluetooth 4.0 connection that can maintain a range of over 60 feet comfortably. The connection and pairing with the device are high-speed and easy so that you won’t spend time in the initial setup.

The Anker Soundcore provides a nice and fun sound actually with exceptional quality to it. The emphasis on a mid-range is very balanced and excellent sounding. The 2-way driver that’s powered by 6W amplification offers impressive depth and plenty of punch in the low range. The battery life is remarkable. It has the capacity for 24 hours of constant playback. The Anker Soundcore is the product to buy if you consider buying the best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100.

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best sounding bluetooth speaker under 100

Key Features
  • 360° surround sound performance
  • 1800mAh Li Battery up to 18 hours, even 24 hours at normal volume!
  • IPX6 waterproof with remarkable sealed cover
  • Subwoofer on each cylinder
  • integrated 2x5W, and combined with 2×2” Low-frequency radiators with great midst and lows


ZENBRE provides excellent value to its product with its general performance, excellent sound quality, fantastic build quality, and a killer feature that separates it from its peers. All at a very affordable price that’ll please budget-conscious buyers, the design of  ZENBRE Z4 is very straightforward and simple.

it has a classic cylindrical shape made of rubber and a beautiful fabric mesh covering the speakers around the device. The device has an IP x4 waterproof rating, meaning that the device can withstand splashes and sprays. This device is extremely portable, measuring just 7.1x 2.4x 2.4 inches and weigh only 1.35 pounds. The best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 is very easy to carry from place to place. The Zenbre Z4 also has included a tether handle cord to help you take it. It can easily fit into any bag that you have like gym bags and backpacks, and you can even stuff it into a gigantic chat kit pocket. The sound of the device comes from the 2x5W speakers that feature low-frequency radiators and a subwoofer.

This Bluetooth speaker is specifically designed to provide a wide sound spectrum. The sound quality is excellent on this device, and the speaker is capable of handling the fantastic low ranges with rich and punchy bass. The trebles were excellent as well free of any tinny sounds that are present in the best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100. The mids were very clear and natural sounding with great detail and attention to the vocals. The main selling point of the speaker is the full 360-degree surround sound that’s very evenly distributed. You can enjoy the music experience without moving the speaker to get the perfect angle. It has a battery life of an outstanding 20 hours, and it justifies its price to the last cent than even aimed higher than its class.

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5.JBL Clip 2

best sounding Bluetooth speaker

Key Features
  • Bluetooth wireless
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Integrated 3.5mm Audio cable
  • Mic for speakerphone calls
  • Connects with additional clip 2 speaker


The JBL Clip 2 is an excellent Bluetooth speaker with a tiny size that makes it very portable and versatile. The best waterproofing at this price point and the superb sound for a small speaker It’s an excellent package. JBL Clip 2, The best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 keeps the hockey puck shape.

There’s a mesh fabric on top of the speaker instead of the hard speaker grille, and it looks more contemporary plus it adds more protection. You can buy the JBL clip 2 in different colors such as black, blue, red, teal and gray, which is plenty for personalization. The integrated carabiner has a lot more flexibility than the older model. The Bluetooth speaker grew more prominent and now measures 5.5×3.7×1.7 inches. The weighs 6.5 ounces, which is still extremely light and pocketable. It’s amazing how the company has packed that amount of features in this tiny package. On the left, you’ll find the volume buttons and the button to take calls, pause or play a song and even skip the song if you push.

It can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The sound quality on the JBL clip 2 was surprising as it delivered excellent treble mid-span bass. These compact best sounding Bluetooth speaker under 100 vocals are very clear and creamy, and the bass had some considerable punch to it. The overall sound is vibrant and natural with some warmness to it that makes it Pleasant with a battery life of an astounding eight hours. this tiny cheap Bluetooth speaker  is an excellent company for your trips

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