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Top 12 Cheap Projectors for Powerpoint Presentations IN 2022

best projector under 100

Looking for a cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations with the best resolution to make your office or college work professionally? Don’t worry we have got the list of the best projectors with some advanced features and a reasonable price range.

Buying a projector isn’t an easy job, it is all about finding a suitable projector according to your needs. but don’t worry we will help you to select what suits you most.

Due to the advancement of technology, projectors play an essential role in making the work accessible. Whether you are at the university level or working in an office, you need a projector for the job. people like myself are looking for projectors with high resolution to use both for office work and in free time for entertainment purposes, watching high-quality movies on a 4k projector which brings the best quality images into the wall.

In this article, you will get all the details (features, Pors, Cons) about the best projectors for PowerPoint presentations that are available in the market.

Top 12 cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations

Projector Name
Check Price
ViewSonic 3600 Lumens SVGA
3600 ANSI Lumens of ultra-brightness
YABER Projector
Real Native 1080P Resolution
Bomaker 4K Native
6500 lux brightness and support 4k
Hompow Portable Projector
1080p HD display and projection screen 50-176"
Mini Portable Video Projector
APEMAN Projector
Build in battery and long Lamp life
. Hausbell Mini Projector Portable
Hausbell Mini Projector Portable
Ultra lightweight
. iRulu BL20 Video Projector
iRulu BL20 Video Projector
Advanced input systems
Ohderii Projector, LED Lumens 1800ANSI
Ohderii Projector, LED Lumens 1800ANSI
30% brighter than LED
ELEPHAS LED Mini Video Projector
ELEPHAS LED Mini Video Projector
Lightweight and portable
Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector
Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector
Supports video games on PlayStation 4
best portable projector
DBPower T22 UL Standard Projector
Built-in speakers and 60% brighter than LED

1. ViewSonic 3600 Lumens SVGA

powerpoint projector


  • Advanced visual features
  • Projects 120 inches from 15-feet 8-inches
  • Simple setup and control
  • SuperEco mode with a lamp life of 15,000 hours
  • 3-year limited parts and labor coverage
  • flexible connectivity


ViewSonic 3600 Lumens SVGA is a low-cost and specialized cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations that offer incredible multimedia experience from various devices is focused on mid-sized conference rooms and classrooms etc. It comes along with 3600 ANSI Lumens of ultra-brightness and “SuperColor™ Technology”. The mantra of this projector is to consistently project real-life images even in bright surroundings.

 It combines dual HDMI, 2W speaker, VGA, and Composite inputs, satisfying the requirements to portray multimedia contents such as PowerPoint slides, pictures, and online videos. Besides, with the USB port Type-A with power supply, it can project through HDMI with a wireless dongle for video streaming or mirroring contents from other screens. The core advantage of this projector is energy efficiency because of the smart energy technology which helps in reducing the power consumption and prolong lamp life up to 15000 hours.

There are many cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations, however, the Lumens SVGA is the best possible choice for you. This projector is suitable for you if you aim to get a projector that can perform in the different lighting environments, keep support for dual HDMI inputs, integrated power source, awesome color projection, and of course at a low cost. It gives a lot of control to its users when it comes to adjusting brightness mode, presentation mode, or standard mode.

2. YABER Native 1080P Projector


  • Real Native 1080P Resolution.
  • 300″ Giant Screen
  • Only True Color Conveys Deep Feelings.
  • 6500 Lumens Brightness
  • Focusing & Keystone Correction
  • Impeccable Optics for Excellent Image Quality
  • Advanced Double-sided Cooling System
  • HiFi Level Stereo Audio Performance.


YABER Y31 Native projector possesses innovative German LED technology, high-definition materials, and a subtle engineering process. It conveys a shining big-screen with amazing image clarity. Its brilliant color precision and extremely sharp image details for multi-purpose usage.

The innovative 4D keystone correction is one of the great features of Yaber Native with a range of +45 degrees to -45 for both horizontal and vertical correction. The unique capabilities of this projector are “Auto Vertical Correction”, 1Click restore, and 1Click brightness function.

Most 1080p projector brands only have vertical keystone correction, while Yaber Native has both Horizontal Correction as well as Vertical Correction. Alongside, with Auto Vertical Correction mode and One-Click Restore Capability, if the projector is fixed in the ceiling, it is really handy to adjust images and graphics with the help of a remote device. 4D Keystone correction allows you to project aligned images from various sources. This ability of the Yaber Y31 helps the presenter to stand in front of the projector and not block its rays.

The resolution of a projector is determined by the total number of pixels it uses, the higher number of pixels ensures higher native resolution and vice versa. For example, if you compare the number of pixels of a 1920 x 1280 projector with 1280 x 800 having the same screen size, 1920 becomes 4-times higher.

The brightness of the projector is determined by lumens (a lumen is the standard unit of luminous flux): the maximum the lumens, the brighter the picture will be.

3. Bomaker 4K Native

cheap powerpoint projector


  •  1920*1080 native resolution and brings 4X more details than 720P projectors.
  • can play 4K videos
  • 6500 lux brightness and brighter than ever on four edges
  • 300″ big screen bring a true home theater experience
  • innovative ±50° Keystone Correction
  • detachable dust cover


Bomaker Parrot I is another high-definition (1920 x 1080 px) solution for home and office use. It supports up to 4K resolution and gives an amazing viewing experience to its users. Having 6500 lumens of brightness and a high contrast aligned with the ratio of 8000:1, Bomaker allows you to stream HD images, PowerPoint presentations, and videos at a cheap price.

Two main characteristics differentiate Bomaker Native from other low-cost solutions:

First, the range of +50 to -50 auto keystone correction for both vertical and horizontal correction. Second is its zoom capability 50% – 100% with a rotating keystone feature. This gives you more freedom to control and adjust the projector as per your requirements. Similarly, the zooming feature is also vital in case the size of the wall is not large enough to accommodate the full picture of the projector.

All these features are fully customizable from the remote control so you don’t have to manually move the unit to get the right quality of the image, even when the unit is ceiling suspended. Bomaker supports plenty of connection terminals i.e AV and VGA. It also has ports for USB and HDMI, SD Card slots, and a jack for audio devices, which makes the Bomaker sophisticated gadget supporter from smartphones to laptops to game consoles

4. Hompow Portable Video Projector


  • support multiple multimedia devices
  • friendly noiseless design and mini portable
  • support 1080p HD display
  • 3600 Lumen brightness & large projection screen 50-176 inches
  • Easy to adjust and 2-year customer service
  • the lamp life is 50,000 hours


Hompow mini projector is a small, lightweight, and portable projector that takes a screen size up to 16896 pixels. It is very user-friendly and has a basic projector for home and small classrooms. The box contains Hompow 3600 mini projector, user manual, charger, remote, and HDMI to HDMI cord. It is very easy to install and set up, just fix it in the wall or ceiling and connect your device with a wire, and hit the power button; your projector is up and running.

It might take a little work while positioning the projector, you can adjust it with the help of a riser. The best part of working with the Hompow Mini Projector is its lightweight and portability. It performs well in different luminous environments and you can carry it wherever you want with ease and comfort. You will also notice that it doesn’t get as hot as some of the classic and expensive projectors you’ve had. Thus, it makes it the best cheap projector for powerPoint presentations you will ever own.

The sound quality and volume are pretty good. However, movie lovers and pro gamers would likely ask for a better sound system. The screen size has a lot of variations, which depend on the distance between the display and the projector. The negative points maybe the size of the charging cord that is 47 inches, and the HDMI cord length is 38 inches included with the projector may fall a little bit short, which limits our options for better positioning of the projector

5. APEMAN Projector

Mini Portable Video DLP Projector

best projector for ppt presentation


  • Lightweight as phones
  • Build-in battery and long Lamp life
  • Extensive connectivity with laptop, TV Box, DVD, tablet, camera, PS3/4, smartphone
  • Advanced DLP and Efficient cooling technology
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio and 854 x 480 native resolution
  • Flexible to use anywhere without the need for electricitynThe projected screen size of up to 100 inchesnSuper low noisenAPEMAN covers 1-year assurance
  • The top black surface attracts fingerprintsnthe onboard sound may not be loud enough for some applications


APEMAN is a portable budget-friendly projector that has received many positive reviews from customers in the market, and that’s the main reason while we have it on our list from a design perspective. This cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations has a compact black and silver-colored body which we particularly like because this color combination makes the projector look exceptionally beautiful…

There’s an LED charge indicator while around the back there is a headphone jack, a USB port, an HDMI port, and a micro USB port. When you open the box, you’ll notice a small tripod that will not only keep the projector in place, but it’ll also give you the option to rotate the projector 360 degrees for your ultimate user experience.

This mini projector packs an aspect ratio of 16: 9, a contrast ratio that ranges between 1000 and 3000 as well as a brightness that ranges between 50 and 100 lumens. According to the manufacturer, the ideal projection distance is between 1 and 2.2 meters while on the other side the projection time is rated at 2 hours. Thanks to the integrated battery so you will have enough time to watch your favorite movies and series.

Another exciting thing about the cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations is that it uses DLP technology; this means that the overall contrast and color reproduction are going to be well defined. the m4 does barely produce any noise at all so nothing should distract you from your viewing comfort to conclude if you’re looking for a quality affordable projector that looks and performs exceptionally well then the APEMANm4 would be your choice.

6. Hausbell Mini

best mini video Projector 

Hausbell Mini Projector Portable


  • 800×600 native and 1920×1280 upscale resolution.
  • 16:9 widescreen up to 220 inches screen.
  • Creates softer light
  • HDMI/USB/AV/SD/VGA interface
  • Headphone jack
  • User-friendly design
  • Support all Files format
  • Ultra lightweightnFull HD resolution displaynCan easily connect with TV set-top box, PlayStation PS3/PS4, PC etcnWider screen for movies and videos
  • Not suitable during the daytime


The next projector on the list is the Hausbell Mini Portable Projector. This projector is just the best and perfect projector available at the cost of under 200$. The primary task of this projector is to show an ideal view screen within the darkness. This projector performs very well in pitch dark environments. It’s the best projector for gaming and work charm with Xbox.

The necessary resolution in this projector is 800×600 and 1920×1280 which means you can enjoy watching full HD movies and videos on a bigger screen without any worries. This projector is ultra-lightweight so that you can move it to a different room easily or throw it in a backpack.

The versatile revolution can show you movies, videos live broadcasting on a full screen. The 16:9 full screen on a 220″ display gives a cinematic experience. The lens of the projector can be focused and has a keystone to tilt to make the image more square. As the projector is packed with all types of interfaces, you can easily connect any device you like smartphones, tablets, etc and enjoy the dominant media without any worries.

7. iRulu BL20

best home theater Video Projector

best home theater Video Projector


  • native 800×480 pixels resolution supports up to 1080p.
  • 2x built-in speakers.
  • Aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9.
  • 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports.
  • TV, AV, DTV, VGA interface.
  • Advanced input systemsnThe entire device consumes 110 w.nThe remote control is availablenOne year warranty.
  • Craftsmanship is not good.


Another pick in the list of the cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations is this unique and versatile iRulu BL20 video projector for the living room. This projector has got some impressive specs with a unique design as well which makes it an excellent projector at an affordable price. The projector has a remote control that is used for accessing different features with ease and comfort. The fair distance to use this projector is 1.2m to 6m.

The input systems in this projector are advanced. The input system includes 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, TV, AV, DTV, VGA, and audio input. You can connect almost any device to this projector that supports these interfaces. The native resolution in this projector is 800×480 whereas the necessary resolution provides a display of up to 1080p. The device also comes up with 2x speakers providing an excellent audio experience as well.

8. Ohderi Projector

Cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations

Cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations


  • 800×480 native resolution and 1080p basic resolution.
  • 4:3/16:9 wider screen. ‘
  • HDMI compatible.
  • 1 VGA port,  2 USB port.
  • 1  headphone jack, 2 HDMI port and 1 AV input
  • HD display in outdoors and indoorsn30% brighter than necessary LED projectorsnSupport external speakersnThe fan is as quiet as a laptop
  • A soft image on the sides


if you are Looking for the best projector under 100 for presentation? Don’t worry Ohderii has got it covered for you with an awesome device at a much less price as compared to other projectors.

With 30% more and better display than LED devices, this projector works perfectly for outdoors as well as indoor entertainment. You can watch your favorite football matches, movies, songs, and stuff on this projector without any worries. Any HDMI-compatible device can connect to this projector without any worries. You may have needed an HDMI cable for connection.

Resolution support for Ohderii portable projector is 1920×1280 which means you can enjoy your favorite movies to the fullest without any display worries. The aspect ratio is both 4:3 and 16:9 whereas the native resolution is 800×480 pixels. How about watching your favorite matches on a big cinematic screen? You can view them all on this projector which has a screen size ranging from 28-180 inches respectively.


best cheap projectors for home theater

best cheap projectors for home theater


  • 800×480 native resolution.
  • Compatible with SD Card, U disk, PS3/PS4.
  • Supports up to a 1080p display. ‘
  • HDMI and VGA interface.
  • Lightweight and portablenAwesome reflective surfacenAffordablenSimple and Sharp Design
  • Quality is not up to the mark


ELEPHAS LED Projector is one of the best on the list of cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations but has so many amazing features that you will probably fall in love with this projector. This projector has a straightforward design but is sharp and portable. You can take this projector anywhere, i.e., to your school, college, university, or office.

The picture quality is best in the range of about 100 inches with a resolution of up to 1080p. The input connection is active. You can almost connect any device to this projector as it is both HDMI and VGA compatible. The resolution of this projector measures 800×480 pixels and is perfect for movies, songs, and videos, etc.

10. Meyoung TC80

LED Mini Projector 

LED Mini Projector


  • 800×600 native resolution.
  • 4:3/16:9 wider screen.
  • built-in loudspeaker.
  • Supports video games on PlayStation 4
  • HDMI interface is available.
  • Portable projectorn0.9kg weightnCompatible with USB flash drive, HD Card, Mobile HDD to watch videosnSD card is compatiblenHD quality display.
  • Resolution is not up to the mark


Meyoung TC80 is another addition to the list of the best projector under 100. The projector is the best to budget home theater featuring some impressive specs and sleek design as well. The projector is perfect for operating many HDMI-based devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets, etc., and works perfectly with DVD players and Smartphones as well.

This portable projector has a resolution of 800×600 pixels and has 1200 luminous efficiency as well. The screen is more extensive, i.e., 4:3/16:9 and can work correctly for displaying HD movies and videos, etc, you can easily create a screen that ranges in size from 50″ to 120″. A Rainbow stripe is used in this projector to divide up space which makes the image appealing. The manual adjustment of this projector works great than another auto keystone adjustment.

The critical feature of this projector is its SD card compatibility. Now you can attach an external Hard drive, flash drives, and SD cards to this projector and enjoy the movies, songs, and videos you like with a wider screen and a full HD display.

11. DBPower

best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations

best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations


  • VGA, USB, HDMI, audio, AV ports, and an SD card slot.
  • Aspect ratio of 4:3 & 16:9
  • Display size of 30 to 176 inches
  • Built-in speakers
  • Picture setting mode
  • Come with a remote control, AV cable, HDMI cable and a power cablen50% brighter than other ProjectorsnConnectivity withu0026nbsp;HDMI, USB, SD, AVnSupport 1080P videosnEasy to use
  • provided instructions are poorly translated and hard to understand


The projector that coverall you need for a cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations is DBPower T22. The T22 model is developed to meet the latest consumer demands that’s why it has been the best seller on Amazon for a long time. This portable projector has a low price and high quality compared to other projectors available in the market. DBPower T22 is 60% brighter than other 2400-Lumens LED projectors which makes it The No.1 choice for home entertainment, playing video games, watching movies, viewing photos, and much more.

This T22 projector gives out 1500-lumens of light and has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 with an 800×480 native resolution. DBPower projector is endowed with a Newly released speaker system which makes the sound 50% louder so you don’t need external speakers. This Home theater projector is compatible with almost every device like TV Box, Network-attached storage,  laptops, Chromebook, PCs, tablets, Amazon Fire TV Stick, SD cards, USB flash drive,  Blue-ray DVD players media players, Android Smartphones, iPads, and iPhones.

It has multiple ways of receiving files so you don’t need to connect to a computer. The fantastic thing about this projector is it came up with a built-in multimedia player. There’s a screw hole on the bottom of the projector so you can easily mount it on a stand, ceiling, or wall. This cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations is mostly loved for its technical support and professional customer service.

Things to consider before buying the cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations

There are certain things that you must think about before purchasing a cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations. They are as follows :

1. Brightness: To avoid getting slushy and soft images, always check the brightness of the projector because it depends on the amount of light the projector gives out.

2. Reliability: You must check out all the features, pros and cons, user reviews about the projector before buying it. A reliable project will help you a lot in daily tasks, won’t irritate you, and will last longer.

3. Portability: Look out for your needs. If you want a projector for your office or university work, you must look for a projector that is lightweight and portable as well. The portable projectors are suitable for office and university work use as they have very little weight.

4. Aspect Ratio: Most of the modern projectors have an aspect ratio of 16:9 so you must look out for the cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations that has an aspect ratio of 16:9 so in this way, you can enjoy more full screen without any worries.

5Resolution: The resolution is measured with two numbers like 800×600 where 800 describes the horizontal picture while 600 is the vertical picture. The higher it is, the better the picture it will have.

6. Contrast Ratio:  This is also one of the important areas. The contrast gives more essence to what the brightness of the projector gives. Contrast is the ratio between Black and white images of the screen.

7. Technology: There are two major technology of the best projector under 200,  LCD ( Light Emitting Diode ) and DLP ( Digital light processing ).

8. Cables and Connectivity:  This is another point to consider that what is the source of connection and cables that will do the work. Most of the Projector comes with HDMI connection technology and some with Wireless dongle.

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