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How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker

Many people are looking for ways to charge their Bluetooth speaker or smartphone, and there are many different methods that can be used. This article will go over 10 professional charging techniques that you can use in order to make sure your device is always charged!

10 Professional Methods for Charging Your Smartphone and Bluetooth Speaker

1.Your Battery

This is a pretty common way to charge your device, but it’s not the best. The battery will eventually run out and you’ll need more power than what you started with in order for this method to work again.

2.Plugging In

You can plug in an AC adapter into your speaker or smartphone so that they are able to get recharged when plugged into a power source! This means that if there isn’t any electricity nearby, then these devices won’t be charged at all unless there’s some on hand.

3.Portable Chargers

A portable charger is something like a phone case which has batteries inside of them and provides extra storage for energy as well as charging ports where cables can connect up with them.

4.Battery Packs

The battery pack is very similar to the portable charger, but it’s usually a bit larger and can be used as an emergency power source if there isn’t any electricity nearby. You’ll need to charge this first before you use it!

5.Solar Power Chargers

Solar powered chargers are designed in order to get their energy from light rather than requiring an external power supply like the ones discussed earlier on in this article. These devices work great for those who live or travel outdoors often! The downside of these types of chargers is that they tend not have much storage capacity for extra energy when compared with other methods such as phone cases which contain batteries built inside them.

6.Solar Powered Speakers

Solar powered speakers are similar to solar chargers, but with a speaker instead of an energy source. These can be used outdoors and will charge up in the sun all day long!

7.Phone Cases With Built-in Batteries And Charging Ports

These phone cases have built-in batteries which means that you would need to make sure they stay charged at all times or else your smartphone won’t get recharged unless you take it out of this type of case. They also usually come with charging ports so that other cables such as USB cables can plug into them properly and recharge both devices at once!

8.Battery Case For Bluetooth Speaker Which Has A Built In Battery

Battery cases for speakers are very similar to phone case with built in batteries, but they usually only have a single charging port instead of multiple ports. They also don’t need to be plugged into the power source as often since there’s already an extra battery inside!

9.Battery Packs With Built In USB Ports

If you’re looking for a way to charge your device which doesn’t require wires or cables at all then these battery packs are perfect for what you need! The downside is that this type of charger will take longer than other methods, because it relies on more energy storage rather than quick charging. These chargers can fit many types and models of devices too so if one runs out then you’ve got another waiting back at home!

10.Charging Cable For Speaker

Some speakers come with a charging cable that’s already attached to them for simple ease of use. These cables can be used in order to charge the speaker up from an outlet or even just by plugging into your smartphone’s battery pack if you have one available at hand.


This article has discussed many ways in which you can charge your smartphone and Bluetooth speaker! Whether it be through a portable charger, solar-powered device or even just by plugging the two devices into each other with some cables. Make sure to always make use of these methods so that you do not run out of power while on the go!

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