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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Speakers

If you enjoy listening to music outside, then the quality of your speakers is very important. You want a speaker that will allow you to hear every note without distortion and one that can be heard from far away. To prevent buyer’s remorse, here are 9 tips for selecting the best outdoor speakers for your needs:

1. Size

Size is important for outdoor speakers because you want to be able to hear the music from far away. This will allow everyone in your guest that enjoys listening to music outside (e.g., a backyard party) to enjoy it too, rather than just those closest.

2. Weight

A heavier speaker might mean that you have more sound power. But if you will be carrying it around often, then a lighter speaker might make more sense.

3. Durability

If your speakers are going to experience rain or significant weather conditions regularly, then they should have an outer casing that can protect them from the elements and keep the sound intact. This is especially important for outdoor speakers

4. Battery life (if needed):

If you are going to use your speakers outside, then they probably need some sort of power source in case the batteries die before a day is over or if there’s no electricity available. Consider how long the battery should last and what type it is when you’re deciding on a speaker that’s right for you.

5. Portability

If the speakers are going to be moved around often, then they should be light and easy to carry with one hand (e.g., if it has an adjustable handle).

6.Sound quality

If you are looking for crystal clear audio, then a speaker with clearer high-frequency ranges might be the best choice. If your only concern is volume or bass, then select one accordingly.

7. Power output

The higher the wattage rating on your speakers, the louder and more powerful the sound will be–though this also means it uses more energy. You can consider using multiple smaller speakers to get around this issue if you don’t want to use so much electricity. Alternatively, consider purchasing an external amplifier that plugs into your own home system (or even USB powered). This way you’ll have some control over how loud or soft music should play without having such a large investment in just out door speakers.

8. Aesthetic qualities

The best outdoor speakers will have a sleek design that blends into your outdoor space and complements the rest of your home’s aesthetics. If you want to create an ambiance, then consider adding some lights too!

9. Price

If you are using these outside often or they need electricity for power, make sure they’re worth the investment. The higher up in price point, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get all of the features you desire without sacrificing sound quality. So if budget isn’t a concern–or even just one factor among many to take into account–and long-term durability tops on list of what matters most when selecting new speakers for outdoors use, then expect


Regardless of whether you are hosting a small gathering or an outdoor party for 100 people, the quality of your speakers will determine how much fun everyone has. Make sure to choose high-quality speakers that can be heard from far away and have all the features desired in order for them to be best used outdoors.

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