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How to Clean Speaker Grill

The speaker grill is the part of the speaker that you see. It’s typically made out of metal or plastic and it covers up the actual speakers inside the device. The grill prevents dust from getting into your speakers, which would result in a muffled sound. Speaker grills are also decorative, providing an attractive look to any electronics items that they’re paired with. But over time, grills get dirty and can affect how well they work for their intended purpose: amplifying sounds! Luckily there are some easy ways to clean them so you can enjoy crisp audio without all those pesky particles clogging up your equipment!

6 Simple Steps to Clean Speaker Grills

1. Clean the Speaker Grill

The first step in cleaning your speaker grill is to thoroughly clean it with a damp cloth. Make sure you remove any dust or dirt that may be present on the surface of the device, as this can lead to scratches over time and damage its appearance! You might want to use distilled water for best results.

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol

You can also use some rubbing alcohol (70% concentration) and then wipe down both sides of your metal grills for about four minutes each side. This should get rid of most everything including caked-on residue from food particles like sugar, vinegar, etc., which is often found around grills near kitchen appliances where these items are frequently used. The key word there is “most.”

3. Use a Brush

If rubbing alcohol and water didn’t do the trick, you might want to use a brush with some dish soap on it. This will help remove any stubborn debris that may be keeping your grill from shining as bright! Try using an old toothbrush or paint-brushing tool for best results.

4. Cleaning

Finish Up With Cleaning Spray After everything else doesn’t seem to work, finish up by spraying cleaner directly onto the grills of both sides then quickly wiping down each side in one direction. It’s unlikely anything would survive this onslaught so at least now you should have clean speaker grills again! Remember not to spray too close as you could damage them if sprayed too much.

5. Use a Vacuum

If you have the patience for it, and your grill is not made of metal, vacuuming will help remove any dust that may be lingering on its surface. This can also prevent more dirt from accumulating. If this does not work well with a vacuum brush attachment (which might scratch up plastic grills) try using an old toothbrush after attaching the appropriate cleaner to it like in step three!​​

6. Try WD-40 or Alcohol

In extreme cases where steps one through five don’t work, you could use either alcohol or WD-40 as last resort cleaners if necessary – but these should never be used near wood surfaces so make sure they’re only used on plastic speaker grills!


It’s easy to keep your speaker grill looking like new with these six steps. Just remember to clean it regularly and you’ll be enjoying clear sound in no time without the hassle of clogged-up speakers!​​ We hope this article will help you to clean grill speaker with the help of Above Steps.

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