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How to Connect a Phone To a Projector With USB

It’s a known fact that new technology is always coming out and being released to the market. For some, this can be exciting because they get to test out these new gadgets and try them for themselves. For others, it can be overwhelming just trying to keep up with all of the newest products and what each one does. This article will provide you with 4 easy steps that show you how to connect a phone to the projector with a USB.

How To Connect a Phone to Projector With USB: 4 Easy Steps

1. Identify what Connection Options your Projector Offers

Most projectors have either an HDMI port or a VGA port plugged into the back of them, and if they don’t you can buy adapters to change one type of plug into another. You want to make sure that whichever adapter you end up with is compatible with both your phone’s cable as well as the input on the projector. If it isn’t then there will be some additional steps involved in order for this process to work out correctly. This step likely won’t apply to older model iPhones but newer models should have these ports available without needing any additional equipment, so check before moving onto Step Two below!

2. Assess your Phone’s Capabilities

Once you know what connections your phone has and the input on your projector, then it’s time to compare them. If they are compatible with one another, then this process will be much simpler for you because all that should be required is a USB plug between the two devices which we’ll go over in Step Three below! However, if your phone’s cable doesn’t match up with any of the inputs on the projector then there might need to be an additional step or two involved before continuing onto Step Three. So make sure both sides (phone connection and projection port) have at least some sort of compatibility before moving forward so as not to waste too much time troubleshooting things later down the line.

3. Get the Right Adapters

Now that you know what your phone will need and the input on your projector, it’s time to find out if there are any adapters available that can make these two devices compatible with one another! Thankfully this is an easy task because most electronics stores or online retailers have a variety of different types of connectors for sale.

Make sure you take note of how many adapters you’ll be needing (more than likely just one) and then purchase them from a retail store so they’re ready when needed later down the line in Step Four below. It doesn’t really matter too much as to what type or kind they are, but do keep in mind that buying more expensive ones won’t translate into better connection quality for either device being plugged into each other – it will be the same regardless of what you purchase.

4. Hook it all Together

Once you’ve purchased your adapter(s) then it’s time to plug them in and connect everything! To do this, not remove any protective coverings that might be on either device as well as unplug any other cables or connections which are connected into each one respectively. Next, take out whichever adapters are needed (if only already done so) and follow the package instructions for connecting them onto both devices correctly before finally plugging them into a power source and turning the projector back on again. It should now start projecting an image from whatever is running on your phone screen onto a larger projection area where everyone can see, enjoy, share with others, and enjoy.

The FAQ of How to Connect Phone to Projector Using USB

Can I use the projector remote to control playback of content from my phone?

You can if it has WiFi capabilities on it, but keep in mind that this is not always practical. The best option would be for someone with a compatible smartphone to connect their device via USB and then have them run any videos or presentations they want to share with everyone else.

This way you’ll never need another person helping out by sitting at the front of the room during your presentation which could lead to potential distractions or disruptions! So make sure all attendees are aware that there will only be one screen being used – either through projection onto a screen or up onto a TV monitor nearby. If you’re using an older model iPhone without these features available, then just attach its cable to the USB input on your projector and it’ll be ready for use as well.

What if my phone doesn’t support MHL or HDMI adapters?

This is a lot trickier and will require more steps in order for you to get the desired result. The first thing that needs to happen is to get an adapter that can convert your phone’s connection type into one of those two options mentioned above (MHL, HDM).

Once it’s done this then follow Step Three again but with appropriate connectors instead of another set of cables or cords since some people might not have these things available on their device(s) for whatever reason. If all goes well, then just plug everything back into power once finished using the correct cords/cables and continue onwards as normal from there! But keep in mind that this process may take up to an hour for this to work.

I’m getting sound but no picture (or vice versa). What should I do?

If you’re having trouble with only one of these two functions, then there are a few things to try out before anything else. First, make sure that your cables or cords are plugged in fully and securely into each device as well as the power source respectively. If this doesn’t work then it’s time to turn off both devices for at least five minutes before trying again – sometimes they can get stuck on an old image when not properly shut down which will cause problems later down the line if neglected.

There is also a chance that some type of interference may be happening between either device so move them away from any other electronic equipment nearby such as cell phones, microwaves, or other electrical devices. If the issue persists then it’s time to call in an expert for some professional advice on how best to proceed with your unique situation!


We hope these step-by-step instructions have helped you to get your phone connected to a projector with ease. If not then be sure and contact us for any assistance in getting the desired result!

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