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How to Connect a Subwoofer with Speaker Wire

Many people have a subwoofer that will not connect to their speaker wire. While there are many different ways to do this, we want to show you seven simple steps in order of simplicity and cost effectiveness. If you are looking for an easy solution without breaking the bank, then these steps may be just what you need!

7 Simple Steps to Connecting a Subwoofer with Speaker Wire

1. Find the Right Wire

The first step is to find a length of wire. This will be measured by how long it needs to go from one speaker and down into the subwoofer, plus an extra six inches for safety. For this guide we are using 12 feet of wire that was purchased at our local hardware store for $14.99 per spool ($15). The most important thing when choosing your wire is making sure you have enough! If not, then return back up to Step One with another choice or measure out what you need on site if possible before purchasing anything else.

2. Run Speaker Wires From Left to Right Speakers First

Once you’ve found your right-sized wire, the next step is to run the wires from one speaker (left or right) and into the subwoofer. It’s important that you turn off power in both locations before doing any work on your wiring, as this will ensure safety for yourself and your equipment!

3. Connect Speaker Wire From Right to Left Speakers

Next take a length of wire and connect it from one side over to the other. You may need at least 24 inches if there are two speakers per side; we needed 18 inches because we only had one left-hand speaker in our room. To be safe measure out what you think you’ll need beforehand so that when cutting don’t cut too close! This would require measuring again for shorter lengths – which could result in cutting too close and damaging your wire.

4. Connect the Subwoofer Wire to an Outlet or Source of Power

Finally, take a length of wire that is long enough to go from where you are plugging into power (we used 12 inches) down to the top left side of our subwoofer. Once again, it’s important to turn off all power before doing any work on wiring! Cut this piece at least six inches longer than needed; we had 18 inches here as well because one speaker was located on our right-hand side but also ran out for easy access near the outlet when finished with connecting both sides. Now strip back about two inches worth of insulation so there is bare copper showing through – this is where you will twist the copper wires together.

5. Connect Speaker Wire to Subwoofer Wires in a Combination of Twisting and Soldering

Twist the wire around each other tightly until there are no gaps between them (we did this for about three inches worth). It’s important that they fit snugly together so it doesn’t disrupt the sound waves while being transmitted from one side to another – which means we used solder on our connection point as well, melting both strands into place instead of just twisting! Be sure not pour too much at once or else it could splash onto your speaker wiring if you’re trying to do multiple connections like us; take smaller pours with consistent amounts over time. This should be done after you’ve twisted the wires together for a firm fit.

6. Tape Wire to Speaker with Electrical Tape (Optional)

In order to keep our speaker wire where it belongs we wanted to cover it in electrical tape, although this isn’t necessary and will only help secure what is already tight enough without loosening up over time. Be sure not use too much or else there won’t be any room for sound waves! We started at one end of the wire and wrapped tightly around until we reached the other side, taping down along the way as needed – do this all while keeping an eye on your bare copper wires so they don’t get covered by tape as well. For extra protection from damage due to movement when finished wrapping the wire, we wrapped a second layer of electrical tape over the top of our first.

7. Turn Power Back on and Listen for Sound!

Once you’ve finished your connections turn power back on to test that everything is working correctly before moving anything more. If there are any disruptions in sound or static coming from one speaker, it may be because your wires need some adjustments – go back through steps again if necessary until they’re all connected as planned with no alterations needed at this point! Once satisfied with what’s been done up till now, move onto connecting other speakers (beginning by running wire from left-hand side) like we did in Step Two above. 


we hope that this artical has been helpful and leads you to a better understanding of how to hook up your own subwoofer with speaker wire. This blog post will introduce you to a variety of information that can help you with connecting your own subwoofer. The first thing we’ll cover is what wire and tools are needed, as well as the steps involved in hooking up speakers. We’ll also have some tips for making sure everything goes smoothly when it comes time to connect your wires.

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