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How to connect bluetooth speaker to projector

Projectors are an excellent way to display visuals on a larger scale, but they don’t have speakers. This is where Bluetooth speakers come in handy! These devices are great for watching movies at home or for presentations during a meeting. Here’s how to connect your projector and Bluetooth speaker together:

10 Best steps to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Your Projector

  1. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and turn on your speaker. Open up the Bluetooth settings on your device. It should be ready to pair with any devices that are in range of it, so find it by searching for “BLUETOOTH” or go through each one manually until you see yours listed there.
  2. Click “pair.” The next screen will ask if this is OK – click yes! This will put an image of a combination lock onto both devices which means they’re now connected securely together over wireless signals (wireless connection) and can be used at any time without having to re-connect them again. When pairing, make sure not to choose anything other than connecting two things together.
  3. Select the speaker as your output device on both devices – you might have to go through a few settings and find it, but once found, they should be easily visible in any list of audio outputs available there. For example, where “Sound” is located for Windows users or under “Preferences” for Mac computer owners. The next screen will ask if this is OK again; click yes!
  4. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone then turn it back on so that you’re only using one wireless signal at a time (Wi-Fi) rather than two signals simultaneously (using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). Now all voice calls will automatically use WiFi instead of trying to connect over Bluetooth which could lead to a poor connection and dropped calls.
  5. Put the device you want to play music on – an iPod, computer or phone for example – in pairing mode by opening up your Bluetooth settings and selecting “pair.” Your speaker should be listed there ready to connect all devices that are using WiFi signals like speakers do! Hit yes once again when it asks if this is OK. This will put another lock icon onto both devices showing they’re now securely connected over WiFi as well. When connecting these two together, make sure not to choose anything other than connecting one thing with another at the same time without disconnecting the first one because then nothing can work properly anymore!
  6. Now your speaker should be playing music on its own! If not, try going back into the “sound” settings in Windows or under Preferences for Mac and make sure that it’s selected as an output device there. If you still can’t get any sound to come out of your speaker after this change has been made then contact technical support about getting help with what could be wrong here so they can fix it!
  7. When using a laptop computer with no Bluetooth capabilities, plugging in a USB cord from the headphone jack of the computer to the AUX port on your speakers will work just like Bluetooth does – except wirelessly since there is no need for WiFi signals between two devices when both are practically touching each other!
  8. Don’t forget to unplug your speaker before trying to set it up again if you’re done using it. This will save battery power and make sure that the sound stays as clear for a longer period of time without running out of juice so quickly. If this happens, contact customer service who should be able to help get back on track with these steps after they have been completed correctly.
  9. Turn off your Bluetooth speaker when you’re not using it so that the battery life can last longer and prevent any interference with other devices in close proximity. Once again, if this happens due to a technical issue then contact customer service who will be able to help troubleshoot what went wrong along with these steps for connecting two things together properly without disconnecting one or both of them!
  10. If there are too many obstacles between the bluetooth device and speaker, such as walls, doors etc., then we recommend moving closer to the receiver until they connect wirelessly – even going right next to it may do the trick. And remember not to use more than one wireless signals simultaneously (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) on your devices because these two signals can interfere with each other and cause poor connection, dropped calls and a variety of other problems.


In this blog post we’ve discussed the various steps that are required to connect a bluetooth speaker to your projector. All you need is wireless signal and an AUX port on your speakers in order for it work! For more information about connecting other devices wirelessly, contact customer service who should be able to help troubleshoot along with these steps if any problems occur when following them correctly. Be sure not to use WiFi signals at the same time as Bluetooth or else nothing can function properly anymore due to interference between two different radio frequencies which could lead to connection issues, dropped calls etc. Happy listening!

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