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How to connect tablet to projector wirelessly

The tablet is an awesome device. It’s portable, easy to use, and can be a great way for businesses to stream presentations or show videos in the boardroom. But what if you need to present something on a screen that isn’t your tablet? That’s where projectors come into play. In this blog post, we will go over how you can connect your tablet wirelessly with projectors so that you can enjoy presenting from anywhere!

The Complete Guide to Connecting Your Tablet to a Projector Wireless

1. Get a HDMI Wireless Dongle Adapter

A wireless HDMI adapter plugs into any one of our projectors’ HDMI ports and broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal which we can then connect devices like tablets and smartphones to with Miracast enabled.

The most popular use for this type of device is connecting tablets wirelessly, making it much easier than having wires all over the place. The adapter plugs into a projector’s HDMI port then broadcasts its own Wi-Fi signal which devices like your tablet can connect to via Miracast. This way you’ll be able to present from anywhere!

What is a wireless HDMI dongle?

A wireless HDMI dongle plugs into your projector and broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal, which you can then connect to from any device that has Miracast enabled. The most popular use for this type of adapter is when connecting tablets to projectors because they provide an easy way to set up without having wires running all over the place.

2. Plug the Dongle Into Your Projector’s HDMI Port

Plug in one end of the wireless dongle into an open HDMI port on our projectors then turn it on so that its WiFi signal starts broadcasting. All we need now is to set up a connection between our new wireless network and any other device capable of doing Miracast.

3. Complete Setup by Connecting to Wi-Fi or Enabling Mirroring

You can either connect via wireless (Wi-Fi) or mirror your tablet’s screen onto the projector for a wired connection free of any wires!

How do I setup Wi-FI?

To get started connecting wirelessly, head on over to our projectors and plug in the HDMI dongle as discussed above. Switch it on then check what kind of wireless signal it has available – typically an SSID will be broadcasted here for easy identification. From there enter your home network password and voilà! That should enable you to start streaming content without any wires attached at all from now on…

4. Enable Miracast on your tablet

Miracast is a useful option for our tablet that will allow us to project what’s on the screen onto any nearby TV, monitor, or projector. In order to do this we just need:

-a Miracast enabled device like an Android phone/tablet (any recent version)

-to enable wireless display function from the ‘Settings > Wireless Display’ menu and select ‘Nearby Devices’. Your options in range should now appear which you can then choose your desired option and connect by pressing OK. From there all that’s left is choosing your desired tv as the receiver! We’ll be able to present wirelessly with ease without having wires running everywhere. So go ahead and plug those adapter cables into your nearest projector and you’re good to go!

Final Thoughts

The wireless HDMI adapter makes it much easier to connect tablets without having cables running all over the place. It plugs into any projector’s HDMI port, broadcasts Wi-Fi signal, and Miracast enabled devices like your tablet can then be connected wirelessly. This is a perfect solution for anyone looking to present with their tablet from anywhere!

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