How to measure your scope ring size?

How to measure your scope ring size-Zebvela

Scope rings are a crucial component of your scope. The ring attaches to the body of the optics and is used to attach the lens to your rifle’s barrel. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can measure your scope ring size with a ruler, so that you know what size to buy when ordering from an online store!

What is Scope Ring Height?

Scope ring height is the distance from the center of your rifle’s scope to its base. Scope rings attach to your firearm and hold your scope in place, while also securing it properly with a sturdy grip that will protect against any bumps or drops.

Measuring Your Scope Ring Height

You can measure your scope ring size using either a ruler or tape measurer. If you opt for a tape measure, make sure it has an inch rule on one side and millimeters on the other so you don’t have to do conversions! If you choose to use a ruler instead, there should be markings every .25 inches along its length – these numbers correspond with 24mm measurements (the metric system). For example: if we were measuring our scope ring size with a ruler, we would use the .25 inch mark to measure out from the center of our scope.

Choosing the Right Ring for Your Scope

There are two main types of rings available – standard and high/ultra-high. Standard rings have an inner diameter that ranges between 30mm and 34mm, while ultra-high or high rings have an ID measuring 36 mm plus. If your rifle is equipped with a red dot sight you may not need to opt for higher magnification lenses so this should be taken into consideration when deciding which type of mount will work best for your optic.

Attaching the Rings

After you have measured your scope ring size and determined the type of mount that is right for your optic, it’s time to attach them. Simply screw on each section until they are snug but not too tight; if rings become difficult to turn after making contact with the base then you will need a wrench and some elbow grease! Make sure that each ring is equally tightened and that you do not use a wrench to tighten one side more than the other. If this happens, your scope may become misaligned or even fall out of place!

Measuring Scope Height

To determine how high your rings need to be in order for them to sit at an appropriate height above your rifle’s rail, you will first need to measure the height of your scope. You can do this by measuring from the center of the tube at its widest point and doubling that number; for example: if we were using a Leupold Mark AR MOD-0, our measurement would be .75 inches – so it is safe to assume that each ring should have an inner diameter of .75 inches.

Measuring Ring Height

To measure ring height, you will need to use the same tools that you used for your scope measurement – a ruler or tape-measurer with an inch rule on one side and millimeters on the other. This time around, however, we are only concerned with inner measurements rather than the total height of the scope.

Getting the Right Scope Rings

Once you have your measurements and know what type of rings will fit best with your optic, it’s time to purchase some! It is recommended that you only shop on online stores where you can read reviews from past customers – this way, if there are any issues or problems that arise with your purchase you can learn from the mistakes of others.


By measuring your scope ring size, you can ensure that they are the right height to prevent damage from occurring due to a low-lying mount. In this blog post, we have discussed how you can measure your scope ring size with either a ruler or tape-measurer and also what type of rings work best for different optics.

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