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How to Repair a Blown Speaker

Blown speakers can be a frustrating problem for anyone who loves music. If you have blown speakers, it is important to know how to fix them before purchasing new ones. In this article, we will be discussing 10 ways that you can fix your blown speakers and get back the sound quality that they once had!

10 Ways to Fix Your Blown Speakers

  1. Adjust the level of your volume. If you have blown speakers and are turning up the volume to max, then it is likely that they will continue blowing until they get too hot. To fix this problem, turn down the volume on all devices or adjust them in their settings so that your speaker isn’t being pushed past limits that it was never designed for!
  2. Avoid using your speaker at high volumes for extended periods of time. Speakers can handle a lot before blowing out, but when we’re blasting music long into the night while our neighbors rage below us with party tunes blaring from every window – overworking our speakers leads to disaster. Turn off those speakers after an hour of playing any given song and give them some time to cool down.
  3. Can you hear a buzzing noise or sound coming from your speakers? This is actually the speaker’s coil vibrating which leads to it blowing out at higher volumes. To fix this problem, use an allen key (hex wrench) and tighten up the screws on either side of the coils that are responsible for producing such vibrations. The tighter we can keep those screw connections, less vibration will occur!
  4. Are the tweeters blown in your system? If so, then you may need to purchase new ones if they cannot be repaired with household items like cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.
  5. Is your sound cutting in and out? If so, then turn off your speakers and let them rest for a moment before turning them back on. This will help to give the speaker time to cool down before continuing with normal use!
  6. Is there static coming from all angles regardless of where you are standing? Then try moving around until you find yourself closer to either the left or right speaker. This will help to reduce the static and make it more manageable!
  7. Do you have a blown subwoofer? If so, then replace the woofer with a new one from your local electronics store – this should do the trick! Alternately, if there is any damage on the original woofer that cannot be repaired by household remedies like rubber bands and toothpaste (yes!), then we recommend getting in touch with an audio specialist who can offer advice for repair methods specific to those circumstances.
  8. Are all of your speakers blown? Then you may need to purchase some replacement speakers at your nearest retailer before continuing use. Check out my recent post on how I replaced my blown speakers with a different brand, and this might be an option you are interested in as well!
  9. Don’t forget to check the power supply of your device or speaker. If it is malfunctioning, then that will result in no sound coming from any given input or outlet. Replace the broken fuse if necessary – don’t operate without protection for those expensive electronics!


Blown speakers are a common problem that can happen to anyone and there’s no shame in it! If you find yourself in this situation, then follow these ten easy steps for fixing the issue safely.

Remember – Don’t turn up the volume so high that it is distorting sound or playing long enough to cause heat damage from constant use. Turn off your speaker after an hour of playtime (or as soon as you notice any buzzing coming from inside). And if all else fails and your blown speakers cannot be repaired by household remedies like rubber bands or toothpaste, reach out to an audio specialist who will have more specific advice on what may work best for those particular circumstances! Good luck with repairing them and enjoy listening.

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