How to sight a rifle scope?

how to sight a rifle scope

Many hunters have a hard time sighting in their rifle scope. If you are looking to improve your accuracy and become more confident in the field, this article is for you! It discusses how to sight a rifle scope so that it will be ready for hunting season.

Make Sure Your Scope Installed Properly:

Before you can sight in a rifle scope, it must be installed properly. Ensure that the rings and base are secure and that the crosshairs of your reticle line up with one another vertically and horizontally.

Make sure to use blue threadlocker on all screws when reassembling! Also double check the torque settings for each screw to ensure they are not too tight or loose. For more information, read our article about installing scopes .

Adjust Eye Distance:

Your eye distance should also be adjusted for optimum sighting. Most scopes have an adjustable objective, and if not it is usually very close to the front lens of your scope. The goal here is to make sure that when you look through the crosshairs and into the eyepiece (where light enters), everything appears sharp with no double images or blurriness. Some rifles may require a little trial-and-error testing in order to get this just right!

Get Level With Your Scope Mounted on Rifle:

Get level with the rifle while looking through your scope. If you are shooting at a downward angle, it will be necessary to compensate for gravity. Proper eye relief is important here so that your cheek rests firmly on the stock of your gun without being too close or too far away from the eyepiece of your scope .

Aligning The Reticle:

Your scope’s crosshairs should line up with the center of your target before you start shooting. For this, it is necessary to adjust both windage and elevation knobs on your rifle scope until they are at their lowest point (or as close as possible).

Setting Your MOA: (Minutes Of Angle)

Next, set a specific magnification level for 100 yards or meters- whatever unit you choose to sight in at. This creates what we call Minute Of Angle adjustment , which requires precise setting so that shots land where desired after adjusting your reticle accordingly . Note: one MoA equals roughly one inch per 100 yards/meters! So if you change the magnification power by two times, then each shot will hit

Fire Three Shot Groups:

Now that your scope is properly sighted in, you can begin shooting three-shot groups at 100 yards. This will help identify how much more adjustment might be needed to hit the bullseye of a target. Keep adjusting until all shots land on top of one another .

Keep Tweaking:

If none of these methods work or if there are gaps between each shot group, it may mean your rifle needs professional attention! Contact us for assistance with sighting in and zeroing (setting elevation/windage) your riflescope by clicking here !


Sighting In Your Rifle Scope Before Hunting Season Will Make You More Confident And Successful Out There On The Field! It’s important to make sure everything looks sharp

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