How To Turn Your Phone Into A Projector

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Projector

The average person spends about 2 hours on their phone per day. That is a lot of time to do anything you want to do, but what if you can’t find the content that you are looking for? You could always hold your phone up like a projector and watch videos or play games. Although this takes some practice, it doesn’t take much space in order to have fun with friends and family. Check out these steps below for help turning your phone into a projector!

Steps For Turning A Phone Into A Projector

If you need to turn your phone into a projector, there are many ways that it can be done. One great way is by using the following steps:

1.Get The Right Pieces Of Equipment

Making up a projector that works with your mobile phone, you will need all the material to have the best outcome. Here are all the material you will need.

A. Mobile Phone

A Mobile phone Display or Smartphone is necessary to project the image on a projector. Mobile phones have several display types, so be sure to have a phone that has the right type of display like Super AMOLED and an OLED display are the better.

B. Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is also needed in order to project a clear and crisp image onto your projected surface or wall. If you don’t have one, then try looking around your house because it may just be sitting on top of something! It doesn’t matter how small or large it is, as long as there’s enough light coming from behind it when using it with your projector.

2. Trace A Hole

To start, place your phone on the lens and trace a hole with the magnifying glass. Make sure that you leave enough room for an opening so that it will be easier to pull out any devices if needed. The lens should be about two inches in height and four inches in width, so make sure that you trace a frame around the magnifying glass.

3. Cut Out Hole In Shoe Box

Next, take a shoe box and use it as the base of the projector. Start with tracing one side on top of another until you are able to create four sides for the project; make sure there is enough space between each piece in order for them all to fit together nicely without any problems happening.

You should also cut two holes into opposite ends of where they need to be from which light can pass through but not come back at least six inches wide. When cutting the holes with a straight edge and a knife, make sure that the edges are lined up.

4. Attach The Lens Into The Hole

Now it’s time to place the lens into one of the holes that you just cut. You should then secure both sides by using tape so that they are closed and will not come loose.

5. Cover The Edges With Black Tape

Now you should cover the edges with black tape to prevent any light coming out. This will eliminate reflections and blurry images that may happen once your projector is turned on.

6. Place The Phone On The Other End Of The Box

The last step is to place your phone on the other end of the box. You should now have a fully functional projector!

7. Project Image On A Wall

The last step is to project the image onto your desired projection surface like a wall or window. You can use this projector for family movie nights, meetings with friends, and more!


we hope that this article helped you turn your phone into a projector. so go out and try it now! This article is based on our personal and practical experience, we hope there will be no issue using this step.

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