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What Does 4 12×50 Mean on a Scope

Many people have heard of the term “4x magnification” but what does 4 12×50 mean? The answer is that it means your scope has a power of four and will magnify objects four times. This article explains how to use this information in order to figure out what you need for hunting or shooting different distances.

What Does 4 12×50 Mean on a Scope

Scope Magnification Explained

When someone asks you what 12x magnification means, the answer is that it magnifies an object twelve times. When looking at scopes or binoculars for sale, two numbers will be present on a scope. The first number represents the power of how much it magnifies and the second shows the size of its objective lens in millimeters (mm).

Magnification Power Explained

Smaller numbers indicate less magnification while larger numbers demonstrate more magnification. For example: if one has a variable scope with 24-60X zoom then this would mean that when set to lowest power there are only twenty four times where objects appear closer than they actually are whereas when cranked up all the way to sixty a person can see things as though they were sixty times closer than they actually are.

Scope Types

There are two types of scopes that a person can use:

  • Fixed powered scope
  • Variable power scope

Fixed powers Scope

Fixed powers have only one magnification with the exception being for spotting scopes, target scopes and tactical gun optics which usually offer thirty or forty times magnification. Hunting rifles typically come with four to twelve time zoom while shooting range guns will give you twenty-four to fifty times closer viewing.

Variable Power Scopes

In contrast when it comes to variable power, there is much more choice as they allow flexibility in seeing things at various distances by cranking up or down on the magnifying number. Variable scope numbers are going from three all the way up into five hundred plus but this depends upon what you plan on using your rifle for such as hunting small game, deer, or long range shooting.

How to Read Scope Numbers

The first number represents magnification while the second number is what’s called a “field of view” or FOV. The larger both numbers are, the more light that can enter into your eye when looking through the scope and this in turn means you have an easier time being able to follow objects as they move across your field of vision such as on wild game animals during hunting season.


Here are some other frequently asked questions that I see and hear regarding rifle scope numbers:

How do I tell what power a scope is if it doesn’t come with the original box?

If you find yourself asking how many times does a rifle scope magnify things for sale but aren’t sure which one to buy because there isn’t any packaging around then take note of its objective lens size (this will be listed

on the box that it comes in). Once you know this, simply divide by fifty and you will have your magnification.

For example: if there is a scope with an objective lens of 50mm then dividing that number by fifty gives us one hundred times (50/50=100) so we would easily be able to tell this was a ten power rifle scope because 100x x ten equals 1000.

Exactly what does 4×32 scope mean?

If you see a scope with four times magnification and 32mm objective lens, then the answer is that it magnifies objects 32 times or when cranked to its highest point will make them appear thirty two times closer.

What does 16×50 mean on a rifle scope?

This means that there are fifty millimeters of aperture size and sixteen power magnification in this particular case. Some hunters prefer scopes like these because they can be used for long range shooting as well as hunting medium sized game animals such as deer. If one wants to use their gun at ranges ranging anywhere from 50-150 yards away, this would definitely work out well since every yard equals about three feet (according to many online sources). What does 24×50 sight say?

When it comes to scopes, this particular one has 24 power magnification and 50 millimeters of aperture size. There are some people out there who swear by these types as many like the fact that they can go from a long range shot all the way down into closer ranges without having any difficulty keeping up with their target animals as they move about in different directions during hunting season.

What does 16×40 mean?

This scope is set at sixteen times magnification but only forty mm objective lens size which means you would notice things appearing thirty two times closer than they actually are when cranked all the way up on its highest setting using your rifle’s peep sight, depending upon what model or brand of gun you have.

What do the numbers on a rifle scope represent?

If you see a scope that has only two numbers such as six twenty or eight forty, then this simply means it is a low power one and can be used on medium sized game animals from about 100 to 200 yards away.


When it comes to rifle scopes, the numbers that are listed indicate how much magnification you will experience once it is cranked up all the way on its highest setting and whatever power range you happen to be using. This makes it possible for someone to have an easier time being able to follow objects as they move across your field of vision such as on wild game animals during hunting season.

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